Roland (Marduk)

Control the things you can control. Let everything else take a flying fuck at you and if you must go down, go down with your guns blazing.


Roland (or Marduk) is a freelancing bodyguard, who was repeatedly employed by Saeder-Krupp for his outstanding performance.
Roland was a former captain in the UCAS Marine Corp, used to a strict chain of command and therefore a perfect fit for Lofwyr’s pet corporation. He is praised for his acumen and works usually with at least two other partners (preferably a mage and a rigger) to offer better than average protection service possible. Despite his rather good street credit, the failure in the case of Nika’s family was hard. He didn’t see it coming… he was prepared for many things, but not for a nuclear bomb or a crashing helicopter.

At least, he’s trying to keep it together and keep Nika out of the line of fire from the unknown attackers… let’s see how long it works, but nevertheless he’ll be prepared this time!

Roland (Marduk)

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