Body 2 Willpower 3 Edge 3 Magic -
Agility 3 Logic 6 Essence 2.8 Init.-Grade -
Reaction 5 (7) Intuition 5 Initiative 12 SM 10
Strength 2 Charisma 3 Ini-Dice 1d6 PM 9


Physical 5 Mental 7 Social 4
Total Karma 6 Karma 6 Money 1200 NuYen


Juryrigger -10 Addiction (mild, BTL) 4
Vehicle Empathy -7 Driven (avenge parents’ death) 2
Technical School Education -4 Records on File (Saeder-Krupp) 1


Skill Specialty Attribute Rating(Mod. Rt.) Dice Pool
Engineering 6 2 8
Electronics 6 2 8
Athletics 3 / 2 1 4 / 3
Vehicle Active Skills
Pilot Groundcraft 7 5(+1) 13
Pilot Aircraft 7 4(+1) 12
Pilot Walker 7 5(+1) 13
Pilot Watercraft 7 2(+1) 10
Gunnery 3 / 6 6 9 / 12
Technical Active Skills
Armorer 6 4 10
Demolitions 6 2 8
Electronic Warfare 6 2 8
Physical Active Skills
Perception 5 3 8
Sneaking 3 3 6

Knowledge & Languages

Chemistry 2 English M
Combat Tactics 3 German 2
Corp: Saeder-Krupp 2 Japanese 2
Cybertechnology (SOTA) 4
DIY (Electronics) 4
Engineering (Mechanical) 5
Vehicles 2


Rating Essence Cost Modifications
Control Rig 2 2
Control Rig Booster 2 0
Nanohive, Hard 2 0.5
Reaction Enhancer 2 0.6
Sleep Regulator 0.1

Weapons & Armor

Armor Rating
Armor Jacket 12
+ Cust. Ballistic Mask 2


Lifestyle: Middle w/ Work Area Apartment (+ Shop)
+Tool Shop (Automotive Mechanic), Tool Belt (Good)


SIN (Rt. 4) – Yukiko Sato
+ Licence (Restricted Cyberware) (Rt.4)
+ Licence (Drones) (Rt.4)
+ Licence (Driving) (Rt.4)
+ DocWagon Contract (Basic)
Transys Avalon (w/ Hot-Sim) Chill BTL (x4), Hyper BTL (x4)
Autopicker (Rt. 6), Crowbar, Keycard Copier (Rt.4), Miniwelder, Sequencer (Rt. 4)


RCC Proteus Poseidon

Device Rating Data Processing Firewall
5 5 6
Autosofts: Clearsight (Rt. 6), Electronic Warfare (Rt. 4), Ingram Valiant Targeting (Rt. 6), Roto-Drone Evasion (Rt. 6), Roto-Drone Maneuvering (Rt. 6), Flying Eye Stealth (Rt. 6), Ares Cheetah Stealth (Rt. 6), Ares Alpha Targeting (Rt. 6)
Common Programs: Encryption, Signal Scrub, Toolbox, Virtual Machine, Armor
Hacking Programs: Armor, Biofeedback Filter, Guard, Shell, Sneak, Wrapper

Vehicles & Drones

Ares Roadmaster

Handling Speed Accel Body Armor Pilot Sensor Seats
3/3 3 1 18 18 3 3 8
Modifications: Landing Drone Rack (Mini) [x2], Rigger Interface, Valkyrie Module

Suzuki Mirage

Handling Speed Accel Body Armor Pilot Sensor Seats
5/3 6 2 5 6 1 2 1
Modifications: Racing Tires (Rt. 2), Rigger Interface

Steel Lynx

Handling Speed Accel Body Armor Pilot Sensor Seats
5 4 2 6 12 3 3 -
Modifications: Ingram Valiant
Ingram Valiant Accuracy Damage AP Mode RC Ammo
Ammo: APDS 6 9P -6 BF/FA 4(5) 500 (b)

MCT-Nissan Roto-Drone

Handling Speed Accel Body Armor Pilot Sensor Seats
4 4 2 4 4 3 3 -
Modifications: Weapon Mount, Ares Alpha
Ares Alpha Accuracy Damage AP Mode RC Ammo
Ammo: APDS 7 11P -6 SA/BF/FA 4 500 (b)
Ammo: HE 6 16P -2 SS 2 6( c )

Ares Cheetah “Rufus”


Handling Speed Accel Body Armor Pilot Sensor Seats
4 6 1 2 6 3 2 -
Modifications: Chameleon Coating, Bite Melee Autosoft (Rt. 4), Fragile, Jaws, Personality (Rufus), Sensor Array (Rt. 2) [Motion Sensor (Rt.2), Olfactory Scanner (Rt. 2), Ultrasound (Rt. 2)]
Ares Cheetah Jaws Accuracy Reach Damage AP
Melee 3 - 5P -3

Cyberspace Designs Dragonfly (x2)

Handling Speed Accel Body Armor Pilot Sensor Seats
4 3 1 1 3 3 3 -
Modifications: Melee Targeting Autosoft (Rt. 4)
Dragonfly Jaws Accuracy Reach Damage AP
Melee 3 - 3P -2

Horizon Flying Eye

Handling Speed Accel Body Armor Pilot Sensor Seats
4 3 2 1 0 3 4 -
Modifications: Sensor Array (Rt. 4)

Shiawase Kanmushi

Handling Speed Accel Body Armor Pilot Sensor Seats
4 2 1 0 0 3 3 -


Name Occupation Connection Loyalty
Roland Bodyguard 3 2
0v3r10rd BTL Dealer 1 1
_ _ 1 1
Tyler Fixer

Kinzoku is of half japanese, half german descent, and is currently earning her money in the shadows of Emerald City. The transition to the shadows from the “normal” world is the results of an intrigue against her family, despite their employment by Saeder-Krupp in the R&D department.

Before running the shadows, Nika (Kinzoku’s real name) was doing her PhD in Cybertechnology with focus on Robotics, and would’ve finished within the next six months. Her parents were also educated folk: her dad was to programming, what a good novelist is to a story, and her mom was working on fusion as a nuclear physicist.
In contrast, Nika loved to tinker – instead of puppets, she learned and enjoyed building her own circuits. Going to college was the only option, and being a rare kind as a female in mechanical engineering, she fought her way through it and finished her master’s with “summa cum laude” – and her PhD looked very promising as well.

Shortly after her master’s degree, she implanted a control rig to get a better understanding of and feeling for Man-Machine-Interface. Although being an egghead now, she never lost her joy for tinkering – thinking of fantastic contraptions every free minute – planning, building, maintaining, improving. Nevertheless, the last months took their toll… she expanded her field of interest to weapons, armor and fusion technology. Her brain’s on fire with a feeling to kill…
Back in the days her family used to live in Boston and she was at the MIT&T. The research progress of her parents was sabotaged for a long time until it became obvious – and no one knew, who was responsible… and they still don’t know! The events culminated in a few assassination attempts; her mother didn’t took so well and had to take her time off, whereas her father and Nika were protected and followed by bodyguards 24/7. Her mother had to take psychotropic drugs to cope with fear and terror. Her father used an older method… “Hello, Alcohol!”. A quarter year nothing further happened. The security was withdrawn step by step, but still Saeder-Krupp employed at least a few dozen investigators to find the responsible party/person – end of story: nothing was found, not even the smallest hint – you bet, goldsnout was going crazy.
During a live-presentation of the mother’s project with high-ranking S-K Prime members the fusion reactor was sabotaged and lead to a neutron-explosion because of an uncontrolled fusion process. Everyone present was irradiated with a lethal dose. Her mother, as well as most other persons died shortly after, despite most intensive medical care.
The lost of his wife hit Nika’s now drunkard father hard… but he didn’t have much time to worry. A few weeks later her father and herself were again victims of an “accident”: a chopper crashed onto their vehicle on the way to a computer trade fair. Nika’s father was instantly dead, and she had to fight to keep breathing. Even during the intensive care there were assassination attempts on Nika, which lead/forced Nika’s bodyguard Roland to the decision to get Nika out of the line of fire – and declared her dead. Secretly, he pulled in some favors and transported her from Boston to a shadow clinic in Seattle.
Advancing from there, Roland took the role of Nika’s mentor in the shadows, she’s learning quick and she has plans!

Kinzoku [jap.: metal] became her alter-ego for running in the shadows – tough as metal! Although she feels to intelligent to rot in the shadows, she understands the necessity to keep her head down und survive. The deaths of her parents left deep emotional scars – and there is literally no time to grieve. She tries to play it down, but sometimes… it gets out of hand… and when it gets out of hand, it gets a bloody mess. She walking the thin line between genius and madness – and is starting to oscillate.

One of her hobbies is collecting mini and micro-drones, and she found an animal-like drone in the junkyard. She repaired and improved it – it’s now called to “Rufus” with a fairly good pilotsoft (literally a dog brain) – “It’s nearly like a real dog, but it doesn’t crap on your carpet.” Furthermore, the biggest share of her free time is allocated for planning and building a battle-mech. Currently she’s collecting all necessary parts for the construction – vehicles, prototypes, weapons, ammo, hard- and software etc. – as a runner you can get your hands on everything if you want. Nika’s machine shop is good, but to big part improvised – thanks to 8 years of mechanical engineering! Or you look for further connections in the industry.

Nevertheless, following Roland’s advice, the most important connection for a runner is the fixer – therefore Tyler is the most important for Kinzoku – at least for now.


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